Salt Free Magnetic Water Softeners & Conditioners. 

Providing a better way to treat hard water.

We are one of the world's leading engineers and manufacturers of magnetic water treatment technology equipment for residential, small industrial and farm/ranch usage with the best warranty of any manufacturer - 10 full years.  Our eight model line can fulfill any need or environment. Visit our Magnet Sales page for more information.

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Water Softener Sales

We provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional water softeners and conditioners that use salt.

  • Magnetic water softeners use neodymium magnets to help rid your water of mineral deposits. This conditions your water while reducing mineral build up in your pipes.
  • Magnetic water softeners are safe, affordable, and work with well water, private tanks, crop irrigation lines and municipal water systems on any size and any material pipe.
  • Eight models to choose from starting at $25.95.
  • Magnetic water softeners are also great for the environment, and endorsed by many experts and agencies of the government including the United States Department of Energy.
  • We offer an industry-leading manufacturer's warranty - ten full years.
  • We ship worldwide with subsidized shipping because we appreciate your business and have a very loyal foreign customer base. You are responsible for any duties and taxes from your government.
  • We're here to help you answer any questions you may have about virtually any water situation. We are the water treatments and our advice is free.
  • We've sold over 200,000 of these units all over the world on Ebay, Amazon or directly from us.


Magnet Only Sales

Magnet Universe is a major individual magnet retailer of neodymium magnets for all applications. Magnet Universe's World of Neodymium "Rare Earth" Magnet Sales for water softeners and conditioners that provide a better alternative to traditional water softeners. Neodymium magnets are the inexpensive solution to regenerate/re-energize the internal workings of your old water softener without buying a new unit.

We also provide neodymium magnets for home, medical, industrial, wind turbines and thousands of other uses.

Neodymium magnets are the inexpensive solution to regenerate/re-energize the internal workings of your old water softener without buying a new unit.


Water Softener Rejuvenation

Is your salt-based water softener not running the way it used to? Before replacing your entire system, check to see if you need a resin cleaning. You can do it yourself for about $15, saving you hundreds of dollars with our Water Softener Resin Repair/Rejuvenation.

The products below are also available directly from Ebay and Amazon.

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Benefits of Magnetic Water Technology?

 We sell more units in the US and worldwide, more than any other manufacturer.  

We consistently maintain the highest EBAY & Amazon seller ratings and status for 11 years in a row.  

We are able to provide the most comprehensive and longest warranty of any manufacturer--10 Years.

Our products provide the most power dollar for dollar than any other product as you buy direct from the manufacturer and save the retail markup.  Not sold in big box retail stores by OUR CHOICE.

There are thousands of plumbers and professional handymen that endorse and resell this product line.

Comprehensive line of salt free water softeners start at $30 to handle any situation. And with eight models to choose from, Magnetic Water Technology has the most extensive magnetic water softener line to fit your needs.

Our salt-free water softeners have been used in hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide including residences, zoos, water parks, aquariums, farms, ranches, fish farms, swimming pools, motels, apartments and more.  


Our water softener magnets are made in the USA