Farm & Ranch Combo-Ultra-Power 2 Unit Magnetic Water Softener And Descaler-Treats Both Cold And Hot Water LInes


 Complete cold and hot water protection for larger environments. Plenty of magnetic power. 8 magnets total. A ultra-powerful combination set of two complete units, one Farm & Ranch model and one Duplex model, which treats both cold as well as hot water lines, offering the best in overall protection. The larger unit is designed to work the cold water line and the smaller unit is designed to service the output of your water heater. This is one of our best-selling larger-more difficult water situation item due to the complete protection it offers. These units work wonderfully with a salt-based system as well and adds features to your water treatment program that salt systems cannot do alone such as add in pipe build-up reduction and protection to water usage appliances.  We do ship internationally to nearly every country. Any taxes and duties imposed by your country is you responsibility however.