Resin Restore Solution For Salt-Based Systems-Cleans Your Resin 32 OZ Size


If your water softener doesn't work the way it used to it is probably fouled. The resin inside your system gets coated and is unable to remove the minerals, like used scotch tape trying to stick to something. Resin is sticky, and when it gets coated, it doesn't work well.  All softener over time has the resin degrade, although resin properly taken care of should last 20 years. This is a larger size 32 ounce product and simple to use. THis allows for a single first-time one shot treatment of 6 ounces and then regular monthly doses of 2 ounces or every other month 4 ounces of treatment to maintain the cleanliness of your resin. There is no stronger, more concentrated product on the market. Buying a gallon of another brand is a complete waste, as it will go bad in about a year and this one bottle will do a better job.  Simply pour 1/4 of this bottle into your salt/brine tank and run your regeneration cycle twice back-to-back.  Every month or two put another 2-4 ounces into the system and you will be pleased with the results.  Your softener must be functioning for this product to work.